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Why Air Tools?

Compressed Air (Pneumatic) tools are powered by compressed air, which is supplied by an air compressor connected to the tool with an air hose. The air compressor creates power by condensing and compressing air to as little as 1/8 of its original volume. As the air attempts to expand to its original volume, it creates energy that is harnessed as power.

Manufacturing facilities, construction companies, and other industrial facilities prefer air powered tools for a variety of reasons:
  • Air tools are smaller and lighter in weight than the electric versions of the same tools, allowing workers to use the tools more comfortably and for longer periods of time;
  • Air tools are usually more powerful than electric tools of the same size without consuming as much energy;
  • Air tools are commonly cheaper and safer to run and maintain due to their simpler mechanism comparing to electric tools;
  • Air tools run quieter, cooler and last longer;
  • Air tools can be used in wet conditions;
  • Air tools save time, especially in very large projects. Painting, grinding, sandblasting, and many more industrial procedures often rely on compressed air power;
Besides their manufacturing, industrial, and commercial applications air tools are an important part of automotive aftermarket, being widely used in body shops, service centers, tire shops, etc.

Craftsmen and homeowners often prefer Pneumatic tools over Electric power tools for certain jobs as well. Drywall and trim work, for example, are both made easier and accomplished more quickly with pneumatic tools. Painting will be done faster and with much more professional results if the appropriate air spray gun is used.

If you are shopping for air powered tools, be sure you understand how different models work and how the power is supplied. Carefully read the user's manual, and be sure to have the proper sized hoses, fittings, and air compressor.

All MettleR air tools technical specifications include Air Consumption Rate. As long as the Air Delivery rate of your air compressor exceeds the Air Consumption of your tools at least by 10 %, you'll get the proper performance from them. A powerful air compressor will keep any of your air tools running at peak effectiveness and speed you through your projects. On the other hand, too massive compressor can be a hassle in some situation. Therefore, make sure to balance your needs for power and portability when choosing a compressor.

Usually you can get all the help in choosing the correct set of pneumatic equipment at your local air tool distributor.

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