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All MettleR air tools are built to withstand the most rigorous applications. Receive your money's worth from your tools by maintaining and operating them properly. Correct tool installation, care and regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can more than double tool life. Proper air line filters, regulators and lubricators will also increase tools efficiency.

Air Supply

Optimum air tool performance is based on a clean, dry air supply that delivers 90psi of air pressure at the tool, while the tool is running. Lower air pressure will reduce the efficiency of the tool. Air line filters will effectively eliminate moisture and corrosive particles from the air supply. To get the ultimate performance from your air tool ample air compressor capacity, proper air hoses and fittings are essential.


Proper lubrication is another important requirement in preventative maintenance. The majority of the tool failures can be linked to inadequate lubrication. Tools should be oiled daily through the inlet or through the lubricators. Air line lubricators automatically provide oil to the tools allowing them to operate at peak efficiency. Use light oil similar to a #10 spindle oil, or MettleR oil for best results.

Periodic Inspection

For maximum performance and protection of your air operated equipment, inspect all tools regularly to avoid unnecessary damage and prevent downtime. All air line accessories and the compressor itself should be checked on a regular basis as well.

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